Student's Festival Be'er Sheva

Girrafot, Friends of Natasha, and well... Infected Mushroom, very booring trance wannabe!


Milo at home!

Milo's sleeping most of the day, when he's not sleeping, he's going crazy... Preparing himself to be a fighter;)

I found him on a bus stop, almost month ago:)

Massada and Dead Sea sunrise

Sunrise over the Dead Sea.
View at the desert.
Ancient ruins.

I would strongly recommend this night escapade to everybody. Get to Masada, the ancient fortress of king Herod before sunrise, and the Dead Sea view will pay you back the lack of sleep...

Kibbutz Ze'elim

Zohar with yoga teacher.
Zohar with Etty.

And another kiddie...
And more children...
My boyfriend can easily be added as a child;)

Zohar photo shoot at the empty swimming pool.

Raegge Festival - suprisingly - children everywhere!

My piece of desert:)

Ein Avdat is just 2 minutes drive from Sde Boker, the kibbutz of Ben Gurion.

Mizpe Ramon Crater.

Walk that I took with my boyfriend in Ein Avdat, near Sde Boker.


Quite an amazing expierience, unfortunately our israeli friend didn't feel completely comfortable in this arabic town, and we were forced to leave the place prematurely.
The christian sculptures were beautifull and strange in sorrounding them landscape...

Rosh Ha Nikra

It's hard to believe that we standing on one of the most protected pieces of land in the world...

In the North of Israel, on the lebanese border, close to Syria.

Famous Eli Avivi beach, off season, empty and picturesque.

We started our trip to the north in Tel Aviv, actually in Jaffa.

North of Israel


In the far south of Israel, between borders of Egypt and Jordan, you'll find Eilat, the capital of divers, dolphins, french people, and israeli summer nightlife... In my opinion, too expensive for what you getting, apart from one lovely Thai style hotel, The Orchid.

Marine Park and Dolphin Reef beach were quite an experience .

Stick to those, prefferably off season and you'll enjoy your holiday:)